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The Decentralized Finance world is one of the most outstanding financial revolutions of the 21st century. Generally, with DeFi, everyone globally can take charge of their finances and investments while benefiting from other services like lending, gaming, etc.

However, the trust in DeFi is still lagging; thus, the adoption is also lagging. The primary reason for the lagging confidence in DeFi has always been about its bad. Generally, as a product of the crypto world, DeFi is always blamed for the issues associated with cryptocurrency. Since some KOLs still view crypto as a scam, DeFi suffers the same fate.


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Considering the rate at which cryptocurrency exchanges are saturating the ecosystem today, it is becoming increasingly important for new trading platforms to carve a unique niche or selling proposition before they can attract a sizable amount of users. One of the few projects approaching this uphill climb head-on with creativity is UpBots.

Even before its release, UpBots was a highly anticipated trading platform as some of its potential stakers had the opportunity to test out its advanced features. What’s even more intriguing is the fact that this project had its IEO over-subscribed, just within two minutes. …

“Disclaimer: The Capital has received payment in exchange for writing this article”

Hey guys! Happy to connect today and learn more about NapBots! Can you tell us more about the founding of NapBots and what the problem is that you were addressing?

Napoleon Group is none other than the company directly behind NapBots, Crypto-Army, Napoleon AM & NapoleonX. NapBots was born from the idea to automate the trading strategies developed by the team. These companies, although independent, work in synergy complementing each other.

The Key problem this software solves is one that we humans tend to suffer when dealing in situations of stress like trading, NapBots remove fear and emotion from their…

The decentralized economy continues to expand at a record pace as new users join the digital revolution daily. Today, the crypto market serves a vital role in enabling users to gain control over their financial future. However, one of the trickiest parts of joining the crypto market is finding a reliable and secure exchange to trade on.

Not every exchange is created equal. History has shown that going with a less than reputable exchange can have dire consequences like lost funds. Luckily, you don’t need to pull your hair out in frustration searching the thousands of options available today. …

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In the last few months, we’ve seen several discourses highlighting blockchain as an integral part of the Web 3.0 transition. This signifies the evolution our beloved internet is presently experiencing. Just as the numerical value — 3.0 — denotes, the internet is transitioning from a version to a higher version of itself.

In this article, we will examine one of those innovative projects aligning with the transition of the internet to Web 3.0 to disrupt the status quo and usher the world wide web into a new world — Porta.

Before delving right into the review, let’s catch a glimpse…

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COVID-19 has brought the global economy to its knees. Of course, this is not some strange or “did you know” fact. As such, beyond question, everyone would agree with it. The influence of the pandemic escalated across nations worldwide, each experiencing a fair share of its impact. Unfortunately, South Africa had a sizable proportion of the effects with about 2.37 million cases and a relatively paralyzed economy. In 2020 IFPRI, in a report, assessed the impact and deemed it as never-before-seen.

Asides from the pandemic’s influence governing the nation with cold heart sympathy, the emergence of crypto scams has further…

The process of farming yields in the Defi world has for quite some time proven to be among the most lucrative crypto investment options of our day. Many platforms launch every other day, each promising to provide excellent yield farming services, but instead ending up providing services very similar to the commonly known ones today.

Due to the absence of fun in the Defi world, investors pull out of projects once they realize their targeted profits, and search for other lucrative products. However, what if there was a platform to provide the much-needed profitable activities with mind-blowing fun?

A new…

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Arguably, forex trading is one of the most popular investment opportunities globally. Now more than ever, several individuals irrespective of their backgrounds can invest using some of the best brokers around. Still, this doesn’t come easy as finding a broker that can offer accuracy and security can be somewhat tricky.

T1Markets is a Cyprus-based forex broker that offers multiple services across Europe. In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about this platform, so you can make better-informed decisions on your investment.

What is T1Markets?

Essentially, T1Markets is a derivatives exchange, built on MetaTrader-4. It allows you to trade indices…

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Every successful trader primarily focuses on two things- an excellent and practical trading strategy, and a good broker. To further ease your journey as a trader, in this article, we will discuss Capixal forex broker, which is a firm that allows traders of every experience level to make money without much stress.

What is Capixal?

Fundamentally, Capixal is a relatively new online broker introduced to the market in 2021. Its parent company, IFC investment, is a licensed company that complies with necessary regulations. This platform, Capixal offers its users unparalleled experiences when it comes to online trading. It is one of the best…

Disclaimer: The Capital has received payment in exchange for writing this article

When choosing a forex broker, as a trader, the most rational thing is considering options that will guarantee safety and optimum profitability off your funds. However, there are numerous brokers in the market today and unfortunately, not every one of them is equally safe. Some give more ear to safety and as such, prioritize the security of funds while others concentrate more on their services.

TradedWell is one of the few platforms that works relentlessly to provide its clients with outstanding services while ensuring the security of their funds. …

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