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Hey guys! Happy to connect today and learn more about the Omnia DeFi project! Can you tell us more about the founding of Omnia DeFi and what the problem is that you were addressing?

According to Oxfam International’s January 2020 report, the world’s richest 1% own twice as much as the bottom 90%. In 2019, 2.153 billionaires had more wealth between them compared to 4.6 billion people. There is an enormous imbalance in prosperity distribution in the present global economy. Omnia DeFi seeks to redress this imbalance by working toward universal access to wealth creation. …

Both Mimo and PAR tokens can now be traded on Bittrex, one of the most secure global exchange platforms

Singapore, 18 June, 2021MIMO, the governance token behind Mimo DeFi, has officially been listed on Bittrex Global. In addition, PAR — Mimo’s stable token which is algorithmically pegged to the Euro — has also been listed. Its appeal to users of Bittrex comes from both owning the platform Mimo is built on as well as utilizing their native currency for those located in Europe.

This marks Mimo’s largest centralised exchange listing to date and enables a wider audience to…

The battle for the best crypto trading platform has been brutal lately. Intense competition has made standing out a necessity in the vibrant crypto market.

As a result of high competition, several innovative features have been onboarded onto several leading crypto exchanges. The intention is to secure a competitive market position. One of these notable features is the Smart Order Routing Terminal. The article shall delve further into that feature offered by Shrimpy, an automated portfolio management platform for crypto investors that offers a multitude of trading tools and investment assistance options.

What is a Smart Order Routing Terminal?

Abbreviated as a SOR terminal, a Smart Order…

Las Vegas, USA, 14th June 2021 — A new gamechanger in the NFT scene, TWO TWO announced its official launch, dropping big names such as Emmy-Award winner Alan Tietel, whose ‘Match and Arrow’ art pieces have been tokenized into NFTs and are up for public auction.

TWO TWO, a US-based gallery aims to break down the barriers between real and virtual art, emerging and established artists, and between the artist and the community. Its mission is to allow art enthusiasts to re-imagine art, offering an immersive experience that synthesizes a transformational relationship between artist and patron. Static metamorphoses into dynamic.

Binamon is an NFT and blockchain-backed gaming metaverse where users can enjoy collecting digital monsters and have fun in battle royales using them. Contrary to collectable card games’ norm of leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Binamons live on the Binance Smart Chain.

The platform has several admirable gaming modes, ranging from collecting Binamons, Battle rounds and Multiplayer. Moreover, users can stake their NFT Binamons to earn mouth-watering returns. Gaming on blockchain technology with NFTs has never been more fun and easier than it is with Binamon.

The Binamon universe has its native token, the $BMON BEP-20 token. Minting $BMON generates the…

What is the name of the first blockchain project allowing players to sell shirts to fans? Shirtum! The project, whose concept was introduced in 2021, is still in its development stages but will soon present excellent opportunities for players and fans.

It’s the dream of almost every fan to own an original shirt or a collectible from their favorite player. However, the only people who access the collectibles and players’ museums are close friends and family members.

Fortunately, with the introduction of Shirtum, every fan will buy an NFT representation of a collectible or a shirt from the players. Furthermore…

Australia, June 7, 2021: Congruent Labs, an Australian-based cybersecurity and identity management company, is working to disrupt the outdated cybersecurity industry by making their sought-after services accessible and affordable today.

In an effort to revolutionize a critical service that helps millions of businesses in the face of breaches, hacks, and information theft, Congruent Labs is leveraging the decentralized application technology on blockchains to make affordability a reality.

“We’re building the future of cybersecurity, identity, and privacy, all bundled into one,” said Timothy Quinn, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Congruent Labs. “Back in 2017, our team was tired of seeing the…

SafeTheHumanity is pleased to announce its private token sale launch that will begin on June 11. Soon after, the public sale will go live on June 18.

The protocol is a global DeFi project leveraging next-generation, community-oriented static rewards, and automatic liquidity. SafeTheHumanity’s prime focus is on charity donations.

Token Sale Participation

During the public sale, participants stand a chance to get an extra token by these two features;

  • Bonuses can go up to 13.5% just for buying the STH on the first day.
  • Users can earn extra tokens for referral bonuses once their referral buys tokens after registering via a referral link…

What is MOV JieDai protocol?

The MOV JieDai protocol is a crypto asset rate protocol based on the Bytom mainchain and Bytom layer2 sidechain Vapor. Simply speaking, MOV actually realizes the lending service like a bank through rate algorithm model based on smart contract. Users can deposit, withdraw and lending to obtain interest. Of course, different from the credit risk of traditional finance, Over-collateralized lending adopted by MOV can reduce the risk of default on chain.

The advantages of MOV JieDai

Instant borrow & payback, instant deposit & withdrawal

MOV is based on the high-performance sidechain Vapor, which has an instant confirmation. Depositors can withdraw the principal and interest immediately…

Singapore, 10 June 2021 — ZEXPRWIRE, On June 8, Singapore Standard Time, the MXC Exchange officially rebranded to MEXC Global. The brand upgrade is a vital part of the exchange’s strategy to reach global adoption. The rebranding seeks to deepen the platform’s global compliance strategy and adapt to changing markets.

Since its launch in 2018, MEXC has been taking crypto to the next level with its unique platform that offers diverse crypto exchanging opportunities for investors worldwide. …

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