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Aloha DeFi is bringing the opportunities of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its thousands of users.

The decentralized project is proud to announce the launch of its NFT Staking platform that enables crypto users to win rare NFT’s by staking their ALOHA tokens.

The earned NFTs give each holder a say on Aloha DeFi’s future, depending on their rarity. NFT holders also gain access to exclusive perks and enjoy various incentives on the platform.

The newly launched NFT staking platform has already seen investors stake 8.5m+ coins for NFTs within 24 hours!

The NFT staking platform went live following the close…

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Investing in any type of digital currency involves some risk, however, there are some firms that have managed to mitigate the risk, providing a better experience for their investors. One of those is Scala, which is a type of privacy coin that has managed to achieve 51% attack resistance. This doesn’t make it entirely perfect for everyone, but it definitely does change the way that some people look at crypto and the security measures for many of the people who are currently involved in the process of buying, selling and trading with this or other forms of currency.

What is…

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The DeFi project Unicrypt has hit a new milestone with the successful deployment of its lockers and initial liquidity offering (ILO) platform on top of PancakeSwap and JulSwap.

As per its official Twitter page, Unicrypt now offers its services on 4 Automated Market Makers (AMM) among 3 blockchains. The project team is also considering new AMMs where they can deploy all Unicrypt services.

The addition of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) support is a key move toward establishing Unicrypt as a top multi-chain presale & liquidity DAPP platform.

The development comes just weeks after the blockchain network unveiled plans to move…

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Decentralized finance is the latest booming development in the cryptocurrency space, with DEXes snowballing. DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) is a unique protocol that allows any user to provide liquidity, get ETH as returns while maintaining the token price. Unlike some DeFi user interfaces, the DYP interface is quite simple and can accommodate both new and experienced yield farmers.

DYP was launched in the third quarter of 2020 and has grown significantly since then. The company currently has more than $ 56 million in Total Locked Value (TVL) and has paid a total of 4,769.41 ETH ($6,326,052) to liquidity providers during…

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Singapore, February 26, 2021 — Fast-growing Heco-based MDEX recently announced their record-breaking daily transaction volume of USD 5.05 billion. Implementing a unique ‘dual-chain dual-mining’ mechanism on the platform, MDEX burst on the DEX scene just slightly over a month ago on Jan 19 and has not looked back since.

The young and ambitious DEX has its sights set on dethroning Uniswap and has surpassed the DEX king a number of times in daily trading volumes, the most spectacular being its USD 5.05 billion volume on February 24. Currently in terms of DEX market share, MDEX is ranked number one on…

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Dubbed the “DeFi Golden Shovel” in Chinese cryptocurrency circles, MDEX is a brand new DEX (decentralized exchange) which launched only a month ago on January 19 2021.

Their spectacular numbers at DeFiBox have certainly been raising eyebrows:

  • Highest daily transaction volume — USDT 5 Billion (latest update)
  • Total Volume Locked (TVL) — USDT 2.060 Billion
  • Over USDT 100 Million Transaction Mining fee subsidies for users
  • Over USDT 40.5 Billion in total transaction volumes
  • Over USDT 15.7 Million in total repurchases of MDX tokens with a real-time deflation rate of 5.96%
  • Over USDT 13 Million in total rewards paid out

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While Bitcoin is setting new records every day and is now approaching
$60,000, Pteria DAO’s token PTERIA could not be outdone and is
currently exceeding $30.

The token, listed for the first time on decentralized exchanges such as
Uniswap and Balancer just a few months ago, today marks its all time
high and is now worth over $30, as you can see on Coinmarketcap or

Recently Pteria announced its interesting staking project that offers up to
24% annual reward for those who block its PTERIA tokens and vote for
the DAO’s proposals.

Currently, in less than a month, over…

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CryptoLocally, a next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto trading platform recently made an announcement to allow P2P trading of SOL and DOGE assets. SOL leverages the blockchain’s permission-less nature to seamlessly provide high utility decentralized finance or DeFi solutions, while DOGE is becoming an increasingly eye-catching asset for a multitude of reasons.

The listing comes as yet another of CryptoLocally’s efforts to give the market a compelling trading experience on its P2P trading platform, which does include some of the most popular and exciting crypto assets in the industry. …

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This paid story is brought to you by Bityard

Recently the worth of Bitcoin continues to forge new highs, and more and more people want to hitch the crypto market. However, those that haven’t any crypto-related background might not get profit via flexible trading. Bityard, the primary integrated exchange within the market, is backing individual and personal investors by offering unrestricted access to trade Cryptocurrencies. The signal group are going to be available for all traders since today.

“As we all know , the crypto market will grow much bigger in conjunction with the BTC price rises, so will the intend of crypto investment. But not everyone possesses sufficient…

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This paid story is brought to you by Gen2

HENDERSON, Nev., Feb. 16, 2021 — Gen2 Technologies Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC: BRKK) is pleased to inform its shareholders of substantial progress in its road to rolling out the Iris Media Platform. The company has entered into discussions to penetrate top-flight football in Europe, and our cutting-edge Iris Media Platform is being put forth in front of more than half a dozen of the top teams in European football.

We look forward to penetrating what is one of the world’s largest sports advertising and consumer markets — where European soccer teams reach a global audience that surpasses that of all…

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